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 Folders, Flyers, Catalogues, Brochures

Folders, flyers, catalogues, brochures    Magazines, brochures, folders, catalogues, spreadsheets, invitations, visit cards, packs, labels, wallpapers etc. – all that means DTP, we can do it at an exceptional graphic quality together with the printing of the final product or only the PrePress.

 Company Logo
The firm logo and logo are the most important aspects in creating an identity, all other elements being defined starting with the logo aspect and its colors.
A logo of quality is much easier to be remembered by clients.

    Logo design ~ 50€ - 150€ (Ex. Logo Design )

  Create your company identity
Clients must be educated so when they see your logo or a certain picture they'll know that they are specific for your firm. For this, it's necessary to have a strong promotion campaign and all the graphic elements to be unitary. Also, it's important to find a very good company motto, short and full of impact.

    Company identity ~ 100€ - 150€

  Make a presentation catalog for your firm
The presentation catalogue must not miss from a firm portfolio. It has to show concisely data about your firm products / services in a special graphic form, it should not be too thick and is preferably to have a small format.

    Catalogue design ~ 150€ - 450€ (Ex. Catalogues Design)

  Make presentation flyers to promote your products
The folder is the ‘little brother' of the catalogue, it's much more concise and much cheaper to be realized. A folder, for being efficient, should have impact and draw the clients' attention.

    Flyers Design ~ 50€ - 150€ depending on the format (Ex. Flyers Design )

 Print visit cards with your logo and internet address
The visit card is the only contact information that remains after a meeting with a client, it's very important to be attractive and to contain as many ways of contact as possible.

    Visit cards (design + color print on carton) ~ 12€ / 100 pcs

 Stickers for your company's car or other purposes
When you have a website and a logo, you need to promote them by all means possible and this is one of them.

    Stickers design ~ 10 € - 150€ (from plain text to complex graphics)

* the prices are estimated

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