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 Digital Photography Services
Digital Photography Services     No matter how much some people deny it, the digital photo represents the future. The amateurs do hundreds of photos hoping that by chance (or stupidity) will take at least one photo of quality, but for professionals this is an extraordinary weapon.

    The digital photos have 3 main advantages: you can see the picture right after you've shot it, you can fix the white balance and the pictures taken are ready to be used on computer (do not require scanning and are in a RGB format)

    We offer you digital photos of professional quality at convenient prices.

Equipment used:
  .: digital camera   -> Canon 20D, 3504 x 2336
  .: telephoto lens   -> Canon 28-135mm IS
  .: wide lens   -> Canon 10-22mm
  .: potraits lens   -> Canon 50mm, f1.4
  .: main external flash   -> Canon 580EX, 58GN
  .: main external flash   -> Canon 550EX, 55GN
  .: secondary flash   -> Canon 420EX, 42GN (works wireless with 550EX )
  .: macro rings   -> +12D, polarizing filter, UV filter, ND filter
  .: tripods   -> 4 tripods
  .: backgrounds   -> black & white
  .: lights   -> 2 x 500W projectors
  .: miscellaneous   -> umbrellas, flash filters, diffusers

    You can see examples of such pictures at Digital Photography Services

      100 digital photos ~ 20€
      200 digital photos ~ 35€
      300 digital photos ~ 50€
      8 hours of digital photography services ~ 70 €

Digital photo processing
Do you want to plant more trees in you house yard? Do you want to extend your house? Do you want to see you fatter or to appear in pictures that you've never taken before? (Ex. Digital Photography Services )

      Digital Photography processing services ~ 5 - 30 € / picture

* the prices are estimated

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