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 Product Decorations
product decorations romania   "The package sells the product" - sometimes is more important how you present your products then what you sell, that is why in a world where the competition gets stronger, the product decorations becomes more and more important.

   The product decorations doesn't mean just a simple arrangement of the products, it also means packaging, making bows, ribbons etc

   You may see how we make the product decorations product decorations gallery.

      product decorations 50 € ~ 150 € depending on the project

The photography of the decorations
Our product decorations services goes very well with the product photography services if you want to design a catalogue or an online shopping cart. If this is the case we can make various discounts (e.g. product decorations gallery )

* the prices are estimated

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(also photography)

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Mihai Brad, artist.
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Firma constructii Bucuresti.
(also photography)

web design - site jocuri jocoman
(also photography)

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web design - website Osram Romania
(just programming)

Proiect personal Happy Time

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(also photography)

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(also photography)

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