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 Products Photography
Products photography   Today with the development of the online shopping carts the need of many digital product pictures of your products is even bigger.
   The photos of your products must be of very good quality, if this the client won't like your products he won't buy them.

We offer you products photography services of high quality at reasonable prices.

We shot digital product pictures that:
  .: don't have annoying shadows
  .: they are very clear and crisp
  .: you can see the product features very well
  .: the colors are well reproduced
  .: the glossy surfaces, transparent objects or the mirror are correctly exposed

   You may see examples of products pictures at Products Photography Gallery

      100 Products Photos ~ 50 €
      200 Products Photos ~ 85 €
      300 Products Photos ~ 120 €
      8 hours of products photography ~ 160 €

Photo editing and retouching:
Any kind of digital photo, no matter how good it has been shot, it must be edited to make it perfect. (Ex. Products Photography Gallery )

      Retouching Digital Product Photographs ~ 5 - 30 € / picture

* the prices are estimated

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