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 Shopping Carts - the business of the future
Shopping carts Romania, eCommerce    The commerce on the Internet has known an extraordinary development in the last years, if you don't have already a virtual store you should create one now, to surpass your competitors.

    The Internet users earn more than the average salary, aging between 18 and 45 (the most economically active category) their education is above average.

 Static Shopping Carts
These are the most simple (and the cheapest) examples of shopping carts, presenting a list of products with prices divided in categories where the clients may buy online a product and receive it at home by post, the payment being done in cash on delivery. (e.g. www.ascent.ro)

    Static Shopping Carts ~ 150€ - 450€ varies with the no. of products and the design

  Dynamic Shopping Carts
The clients will see all the products on the site with their prices and details, they will add in the shopping cart the products of interest and when they want to buy, they have to register in the store (or only to log on themselves if they are already registered), and in the end they will make the payment as follows:

    .: payment on delivery
    .: checks payment
    .: wire transfer payment
    .: online credit card payment
    .: other payment method they desire

   Currently, on the Internet there are many technologies of programming a dynamic shopping cart: ASP, PHP, JSP and as for databases Access / MS-SQL / Oracle. If you want to do your own shopping cart and you already have a hosted web site, you should first assure yourself that the hosting company provides all the services you need.

    Any virtual store has a section called "Store" where the clients come to buy products and a section called "Admin" used only by the site administrator where he can see what products have been sold that day, analyze statistics, add/delete some products etc.

    Dynamic Shopping Carts ~ 500 € - 4000€ depends on the features you desire

  Online surveys of the products' selling dynamics
One of the big advantages of dynamic shopping carts is that you can analyze constantly the users and their entire activity on the your web site (what web site areas they visit, where do they click, what are they interested in etc.), also you can make online survey forms and forums thus understanding your clients' preferences and complains, this way being able to improve the quality of the services provided.

    Online surveys are included in the administration module of the shopping carts

* the prices are estimated

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