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 Web Sites Design
web sites design romania  The internet represents a market with a very high potential for all companies and that is why a web site page has become vital.

  The future is of those who will be present on the web and will know to adapt themselves to this new kind of market.

  Why do you need a website ?
  .: your firm credibility will increase
.: you will have an internet 'colored brochure' available for your clients 24 hours/day
.: your firm will become popular around the globe
.: you will find new clients
.: your competitors... already have an website!

  We are up-to-date with all that is new in our domain, offering you the best solutions all the time. Even if the technologies have developed the basic principles of a web design, they remained the same:

  .: quick loading
-> 50kb/page, a site that is not loading fast will not be visited
  .: easy navigation
-> intuitive and friendly web design
  .: ergonomic design
-> a visitor must find what he needs with maximum 3 clicks
  .: complete content
-> all information necessary to clients has to be on he site
  .: pleasant look
-> a user will not return on web site that did not attract him
  .: functionality -> the site needs to work properly on all types of computers

Thus, we put at your disposal the following types of services:

 Professional Web Sites Design
'If you are told that a website costs much you are lied to, because they don't want you to have a web site, if you are told the website design lasts long they want to discourage you, if you are told that you can do it without a website they mislead you for they want to be the first...' (ex. Web Design)

  Homepage ~ 100 - 300 €   -> one presentation page
  Personal ~ 300 - 900 €   -> 2-10 pages common web site design
  Small Business ~ 900 - 1500 €   -> 2-10 pages professional web site design
  Premium Business ~ 550 - 1000 €   -> 2-10 pages professional web design + flash
  Premium Flash ~ 1200 - 1500 €   -> 2-10 pages 100% professional flash site
  eCommerce ~ 1800 - 4000 €   -> complete shopping cart solutions

   The prices may be negotiated, depending on the project difficulty level, we will find together solutions for reducing the work volume and thus the total cost of your web site.

    Also, there is the possibility of paying your website in RATES during a one-year period of time or maybe more, depending of the complexity of the project.

 Web Site re-Design

If you already have a website and want to change it, you will receive discounts depending on the graphic elements that can be used from your old website.
Discounts can reach even 50%.

      Web Site re-Design ~ discounts up to 50% from the normal web site price

  Web Site Update
Because we live in a world of changes, any website needs periodical changes so it will provide correct up-to-date information all the time, take advantage of the the newest technologies and to be all the time in the first positions of engines and portals.

  Unlimited Text Changes
~ 10 - 30 € / luna
  Unlimited Text and Picture Changes
~ 30 - 50 € / luna
  Unlimited Text, Picture and Flash Changes
~ 50 - 100 € / luna
  Unlimited Radical Changes
~ 100 - 200 € / luna

 Web Banner Creation
To promote your site efficiently, you must have one or more attractive banners that encourage the visitors to come on your web site. The classic types of banners are:

    .: 468 x 60 pixels (IAB Standard "Full Banner")
    .: 120 x 60 pixels (IAB Standard "Button 2")
    .: 120 x 600 pixels (IAB Standard "Skyscraper")
    .: 125 x 125 pixels (IAB Standard "Square Button")

Of course, we can create any other type of banner at client's request.

  Static JPG Banner
~ 2 - 5  €
  Animated GIF Banner
~ 5 - 10 €
  FLASH Banner
~ 10 - 50 €

 Elaborated Web Audit

Each 'bit' and every 'pixel' of the website will be analyzed and we will submit you a detailed report that will contain:

  .: keywords analysis
  -> metatags, keywords placement, repetition etc
  .: pictures analysis   -> size, dimension, placement, format, etc.
  .: ergonomic analysis   -> placement of links and of other important elements
  .: HTML analysis   -> even if the visitor can't see it, it has vital importance
  .: FLASH analysis   -> size, speed, optimization etc
  .: content analysis   -> importance and placement

      Elaborated Web Audit ~ 5 - 10 € / pg - included FREE in any Web Design package

* the prices are estimated

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